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Our team of Galactics is comprised of the most highly sophisticated, creative and intellectual emissaries on earth with the wisdom, knowledge and innerstanding on all levels of the human experience in order to transform humanity into the highest states of consciousness and evolve into the Galactic human template, creating Heaven on Earth.

The Galactivision enterprise has its team members of all over the globe. The mission, vision and commitment keep us together. The team comprises of the highest leaders and experts in the fields of the human science, technology, finances and external affairs etc who cautiously look after our departments. 

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How it all started


One day, our Captain Kal El received a vision of how the Galaxy functions and he was formerly asked to bring the Galactic Vision to the planet. He agreed upon it and since then, he has been recruiting, teaching, guiding human Galactics to be part of the vision, mission, commitment and offer of Galactivision. 


Why Galactivision?


Galactivision is the only foundation on the planet that is made up of Galactic emissaries and that trains people into the Galactic lifestyle and leadership. We officially are the leaders of New Earth. 


Become a member of The Galactic Federation on Earth

  • Do you feel the calling for greatness?
  • Are you committed to the betterment of humanity? 
  • Do you know you're made for something bigger than you've experienced up to now?
  • Do you see yourself as a leader in your field of expertise?
  • Do you have what it takes to take humanity into the next dimension?
  • Are you innovative?
  • Do you put God first?
  • Do you see yourself exploring Earth and beyond?
  • Do you thrive for excellence?
  • Do you have a sense of responsability over the wellbeing of humanity and the Earth?
  • Do you have well developed communication skills?
  • Do you identify brilliance based on innovation and insightfulness?
  • Are you already solving the problems of the future?
  • Are you looking for an outlet for your creativity with like minded and inspiring leaders?
  • Do you want to share our vision of the future of infinite possibilities?
  • Are you amenable to working in mediums not yet discovered?
  • Can you make sure projects are not burdened by contemporary theories?
  • Do you want to go beyond the human experience?
  • Are you interested or do you have expertise in space, time and para-phasic travel?
  • Are you acquainted or befriend with institutes of higher learning?
  • Do you posses qualities of optimism and confidence in the future?
  • Do you fit into our technology, science, and humanities divisions?
  • Do you hint at technologies beyond the currently possible?
  • Do you solicit constructive feedback in any given situation?
  • Can you encourage viewers to submit their own visions of the future?
  • Are you an artist with a gift for positive, optimistic future-thinking and creation?
When you answered YES, we are delighted to start the recruiting process with filling out the form below.


Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for contacting us!

Become a member of the Galactivision.


To become a member of the team, the contribution is 44 £ŮĈ ($)


via: - PayPal


Enter the ”Family and friends” option.


Please note your full name and e-mail address in a PayPal message.


Thank you for your donation!

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